Historical Research

Recent Research

Our Summer Internship Program is an opportunity for participants to have access to the Society’s archives to conduct supervised research. Past years included primary research on rediscovering the Steinway Settlement, the community created by the Steinway Family around the legendary Steinway & Sons factory, and partial digital restoration of an 1859 Map of Astoria.

Research Collections

Our collections identify the historic legacy of the Long Island City as well as the Borough of Queens and are aware that the collections are an important asset educating newcomers to build community, giving opportunity for developers to use this legacy to enhance their projects, and, perhaps most importantly, educating youth as to the wonderful legacy their community’s past has endowed them.

GAHS represents Long Island City, which, along with New York City and the City of Brooklyn, was one of three cities (along with a few dozen Towns, Villages, and Hamlets) which united in 1898 as the City of New York. Each of those three cities is represented by a historical society today that celebrates its legacy.

We also recognize that the Borough of Queens has a unique historic role in the development of modern urban planning: it has an extraordinary heritage of twentieth century Model Housing and Planned Communities. GAHS, and its affiliate, Forgotten NY, sponsor a robust schedule of walking tours and lectures on this theme, and similar contemporary topics. Our extensive collections help us to define the urban fabric of Queens and New York City.

Visit Forgotten NY here.

Historical Image Archive

Containing tens of thousands of rage images of New York City’s 5 boroughs, the on-line GAHS image databank is exceptional. Its versatility demonstrated by its users: students and local civics, as well as top scholars (Mike Wallace), architects (Robert A M Stern Assoc.), government agencies (Amtrak) and Academy Award winning film producers (Baz Lurhman).

All major Queens weeklies carry a history themed feature under our byline: Western Queens Gazette ‘Long Island Star-Journal’, Times-Leger ‘Queensline’, LIC Magazine ‘Legends of LIC’ and the Queens Tribune ‘Throwback Thursdays Postcards.’

The Henry Z. Steinway Archives, a special collection, has assisted GAHS in its nearly twenty year run of outstanding public tours at the Steinway & Sons factory.

The images displayed are only a small fraction of the photographs in the Greater Astoria Historical Society’s collections. Others are posted on Facebook.

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For commercial use, or higher resolution images, contact the Greater Astoria Historical Society at 718-278-0700 or

Research Library

The Greater Astoria Historical Society Research Center is recognized as the leading authority on Long Island City. Along with our affiliate, Forgotten NY, we are recognized as among the top research facilities in our city’s history with a number of published books to are credit. We are regular contributors to a number of columns on local as well as city-wide history for many decades.

In addition, the library contains thousands of books, newspapers, and maps as well items from local businesses, organizations and families/individuals. We have the most extensive photograph collection of Long Island City and the largest post card collection of New York City on line.

Researching your family, or a topic on local history, we may have the resources you need.

With the exception of the on-line images, our library is not currently open to the public and is accessible only by filling in the Request Form.

Research & Use Fees

This section is currently under development. Please check back here for updates.

Contact / Research Requests

Please fill out the following form to be in contact with the Research Library. For requests, please leave detailed information about what you are looking for and any information you know that will aid in fulfilling the request. A staff member will be in touch with you shortly.

R Research requests are $25.00 per request plus photocopying and mailing costs for under one hour. Searches requiring up to hours are $75.00 per request. Additional charges fro more complicated studies. Allow up to 4 weeks for the completion of research requests.

Collections Donations

Artifacts, documents, photographs, maps, and more are accepted as donations to the Greater Astoria Historical Society collection.