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A Narrative of Long Island City – Astoria During the Pandemic

Documenting the Pandemic

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Greater Astoria Historical Society is committed to keeping the memory and preserving the history of Long Island City, Sunnyside, and the Greater Astoria Area. During this unprecedented time of Covid-19 and Quarantine, we have begun documenting stories, photos and other media related to the pandemic.

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Greater Astoria Historical Society relies mostly on grants and donations.

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Greater Astoria Historical Society has one of the largest collection of historic photos of Queens and New York City postcards in the world. Browse our collection and take trip back in time – who knows what you might find.

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About Greater Astoria Historical Society

Greater Astoria Historical Society, founded in 1985 is the place to learn and celebrate Long Island City and its neighborhoods. Through education programs, exhibitions, the research library, our historic sites, and special events, GAHS offers New Yorkers and visitors to Queens a chance to connect with the heritage of Queens.