Secrets of Central Park

The Secrets of Central Park ... A VIRTUAL TOUR WITH LEGEDNARY TOUR GUIDE KEVIN WALSH! Its over 850 acres discovered and rediscovered¬†every time you walk around it! Central Park has had 150 years to collect a lot of attractions and features that are, more or less, Forgotten. It's vast enough so that quite a bit of it is rarely trodden by the public... which passes some highlights by without giving them a second glance. Walk …

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Book Group

Join the Greater Astoria Historical Society's BOOK CLUB! WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Join us as we explore this topic through our Fall Book Group DEBBIE VAN CURA, EDUCATION DIRECTOR GREATER ASTORIA HISTORICAL SOCIETY There are certain things that happen in life that you cannot control. What do you do about them? Do you try to change the outcome or are there outside factors that control what you do? This series of 3 books will explore …

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