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The Greater Astoria Historical Society is the repository for the broader Long Island City’s documents and has continued to expand our services to its neighborhood community. More than 50,000 newspapers, maps, documents, and artifacts, as well as 150,000 photographs, are housed and preserved in our collection.

Historical Photo Collection

Greater Astoria Historical Society has one of the largest collection of historic photos of Queens and New York City postcards in the world. Browse our collection and take trip back in time –

who knows what you might find?

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AQ Spectra makes available NYC’s urban fabric to the arts — its people, its neighborhoods, its stories. Novelists, movie and theatrical producers, graphic artists – for the entire range of creative activity we open the door for you to access the real New York.

Forgotten NY chronicles unnoticed aspects of the City the tourists never see: painted building ads, abandoned subway stations, out-of-the-way neighborhoods and more. Forgotten NY has been named one of Forbes’ Best City Blogs sites, and has been profiled in all of NYC’s daily newspapers.

Programs & Research

The Borough of Queens has a unique historic role in the development of modern urban planning: it has an extraordinary heritage of twentieth-century Model Housing and Planned Communities. GAHS, and its affiliates (Forgotten NY, AQ Spectra) sponsor a robust schedule of walking tours and lectures on this and contemporary topics. Browse our collections and our programs on this page. 

Research Request

With more than 50,000 newspapers, maps, documents, and artifacts, as well as 150,000 photographs, are housed and preserved in our collection to help us to define the urban fabric of Queens and New York City. Our collection of over 3000 cubic feet include the largest collection of maps, books, atlases, images and newspapers of the Long Island City community.

We want Your Input!

We welcome your ideas for special projects around themes and topics that contribute to our community’s heritage of creativity and imagination.

What to D0

If you have a need for personal research on people or locations contact us for details and pricing. Please leave detailed information about what you are looking for and any information you know that will aid in fulfilling the request. A staff member will be in touch with you shortly.


Through education programs, exhibitions,

a research library, exhibits, and special events,

GAHS offers residents and visitors

a chance to connect with our community,

the Borough of Queens and New York City.

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