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Historic Houses of Queens

Historic Houses of Queens Queens, New York, boasts a rich history that includes dozens of poorly publicized but historically impressive houses. A mix of farmsteads, mansions, seaside escapes, and architecturally significant community dwellings, these homes were owned by America’s forefathers, nouveau riche industrialists, Wall Street tycoons, and prominent African American entertainers from the Jazz Age. Rufus King, a senator and the youngest signer of the US Constitution, operated a large family farm in Jamaica, while …

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City Island

City Island City Island is chock full of antique shops, art galleries, and seafood restaurants, most of them arrayed along City Island Avenue. Located on a spit of an island in Eastchester Bay in the extreme northeast Bronx, City Island is a transplanted New England fishing village seemingly beamed into the New York Metropolitan area. City Island was privately owned, first by the Pell family and then by the Palmer family, from 1654 until it …

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LIC Gantry Lecture

LIC Gantry Lecture The Backstory of the Long Island City Gantries with Bob Singleton, Exec Dir Greater Astoria Historical Society Before the Hell Gate Bridge opened in 1917, New York’s topography, which gave it extraordinary water access, also made Long Island (including Queens and Brooklyn) inaccessible to the national rail grid. Join Bob Singleton for the story of Long Island City’s gantries with lift bridges, which accepted cargo-laden rail cars that were shuttled around New …

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