Lecture on Steinway

The Steinway Settlement Study is derived from personal conversations with the late Henry Z Steinway.

Henry, a member and friend of GAHS, got us the public tour job at the Steinway Factory in Astoria telling the staff that “we are the only ones who got the story right.” More than a decade later we still do that tour having accompanied nearly 10,000 people through its gates. It is considered as one of the top such tours in the country by publications as diverse as Readers Digest and Forbes Magazine. It has a yearlong waiting list.

Henry also permitted us copy to his personal archives for the benefit of our community. Much of the material has never been publicly seen or described:

  • A bird-eye view of Steinway area from the late nineteenth century
  • Advertising material of the community
  • Detailed maps on property lines since colonial times
  • Maps with lots, buildings, as well as water and sewer mains
  • A detailed listing of some 60 points of interest in the community
  • Sketches of prominent late 19th century buildings
  • Analysis of housing patterns in the community
  • Information on model housing

Steinway Settlement Study Slides