Exhibit on Old Astoria

Historical societies and preservation groups around the NYC observed the 50th Anniversary of the NYC Landmarks Law during 2015 and 20i6, GAHS decided to study the community of Old Astoria Village, an area had the largest number structures dating from the early 19th Century and late 18th Century (including likely structures from War of 1812 and the American Revolution) without any protection.

GAHS archives named our archives for the late Vincent Seyfried, who was acknowledged by Kenneth Jackson as the ‘Dean of the Queens County Historians’ for contributions on Jackson’s Encyclopedia of NYC and was honored by the NY Academy of Historians as the winner of its first Herbert Lehman Prize.

Vincent’s work on local history, maps, photos, research studies, and ephemera, was donated to GAHS. This material was made available to the summer interns to do the first comprehensive study of the Astoria community and to show the impact of lack of Landmark Designation.

This exhibit showed the buildings lost in the community during the 50 years since the passage of the NYC Landmarks Law.