Astoria Map Warping

The map warping on Astoria

Map Warping the Village of Astoria was the theme planned for the GAHS Intern Program during the summer of 2018.

At the heart of this exercise is a series of digital image overlays of Astoria from colonial to contemporary times. The software used is Georeferencer by Klogan Technologies.

Test studies were later expanded beyond Astoria to the Villages of Jamaica and Flushing, as well as Long Island City.  A quick survey also included a large area that embraced Brooklyn, Queens, and Nassau Counties under one map.

The extensive range of maps and images in the E Belcher Hyde, William Quinn, and Vincent Seyfried Collections at GAHS provide the foundation needed for these ambitious efforts.  

 GAHS is planning an intensive study of Astoria Point to further develop the animation submitted here:

  • The example will be further enhanced including music or narration.
  • Built-in tools within the georeferencer utility, as a ‘spotlight,’ will be used to drill down through time to highlight a specific area, focusing on its features as buildings, people, or events.
  • The interns have suggested that, as drone animations are possible, others including their teacher and fellow students be brought in to expand our study group.

The Intern Program is planned to continue these exercises throughout the school year.