Recent Research

Our Summer Internship Program is an opportunity for participants to have access to the Society’s archives to conduct supervised research. Past years included primary research on rediscovering the Steinway Settlement, the community created by the Steinway Family around the legendary Steinway & Sons factory, and partial digital restoration of an 1859 Map of Astoria.

Click on the headings below for more images and information about each of our projects for the last 3 years.

Current Project (2018): Map Warping

This project includes map warping on Astoria and a study of Woodhaven with maps, lithographs and explanation. 

Steinway Community (2017)

This project included an exhibit on the Steinway Community, a request for research on Steinway by scholars and a lecture on Steinway.

Old Astoria (2016)

This project included an exhibit on Old Astoria, a tour of the area for the Municipal Arts Society and a Jane’s Walk in the Spring.

Student Testimonials

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