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Xmas with 2 Guys From Astoria

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Mon Dec 4 2017, 7:00 pm

Two Guys Return – The Objects Tour”

How do we know much of what we know about the ancient Eqyptians, Greeks and Romans? It’s the objects they left behind…
This presentation will focus on the physical items that made growing up in Astoria unique and exciting.

No we won’t be showcasing any copper chisels or bronze swords – but don’t be surprised to see an old school Pilot marker or aluminum stickball bat – and much more…


Videos: Rudy Hobby Shop/Broadway Silk Store

Special guest: Holiday Carols with Natalia the Saw Lady and her Bells!

A Stirring rendition of a ‘Visit by St Nick.’

This program is supported by the membership of the Greater Astoria Historical Society and the surrounding communities of Long Island City.