Note by Note

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Sat Mar 5 2016, 1:00 pm

Saturday March 5 at 1 PM

On this day in 1853 Steinway & Sons was founded. To celebrate this company that has a long standing history with our community, we will be showing some films from our archives.

We start with the acclaimed documentary, ‘Note by Note.’ Making a piano is no easy task, and making one by hand is even harder. Documentary filmmaker Ben Niles spends over a year charting the process by which Steinway & Sons, the most prestigious name in the industry, manufactures one of its concert grand pianos.

Between the initial search for wood in Alaska and the piano’s ultimate arrival at Steinway’s showroom in New York City, a team of 450 dedicated craftspeople labors to build and assemble the L1037’s 12,000 parts

Special bonus: raw footage from G.A.H.S. archives of an interview with Henry Z. Steinway, the last Steinway who owned the company.

These programs are supported by public funds from the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs.

Additional support provided by the membership of the Greater Astoria Historical Society.