Images of America Forgotten Queens

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Thu Jan 1 2015

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Images of America: Forgotten Queens.

Forgotten Queens shows New York’s largest borough between the years 1920 and 1950.

Although Brooklyn and Manhattan were larger and better known, during those years Queens was the place of choice.

Despite an ever changing background of prosperity, depression, and war, these pages document a borough’s transformation from semi-rural vistas to solid suburbs.

Along the way, it was adorned with some of the finest model housing and planned communities anywhere.

Our road trip through Queens is written by legendary tour guide Kevin Walsh whose blog, ‘Forgotten-NY,’ was twice ranked by the Village Voice in their ‘Best of NYC List.’

Kevin has partnered with the Greater Astoria Historical Society for this unforgettable road trip through Queens. Here untold back stories unfold as we navigate through an urban landscape, both strange and familiar, to discover new things.

This is Greater Astoria Historical Society‘s sixth Arcadia Press publication, with their previous works covering topics on Long Island City, the East River, and the Queensboro Bridge.